From: Road to the Emmys, Daily Variety, June 4, 2001

What They Watch

Peter MacNicol
What is your favorite television show on the air?
The "American Masters" series on PBS. I watch it because it's unfailingly interesting and beautifully

Who is your favorite television character on the air?
I kind of like the character Ted Koppel plays on ABC's "Nightline."

What is your favorite television show of all time?
In college I used to watch the old "Maverick" show on Saturday afternoon reruns. I wouldn't miss the
opportunity and would routinely show up late for soccer practice just to catch it. Beautiful, witty writing
and that cozy, good-natured perfectly played performance by James Garner makes this my all-around
favorite show.

Who is your favorite television character of all time?
Again, I return to those college-day reruns. Before "Maverick" they showed "Have Gun Will Travel."
Richard Boone's performance, his voice, his dialogue, the mythic aspects of the character, that holster,
that calling card... Yes, Paladin would be my favorite character of all time.

Who in television would you most like to work with?
John Cleese! And why not, I ask you?

What is your television guilty pleasure?
It's not a show, but certainly I'm guiltily transfixed by the occasional high-speed pursuits on the local
news. Even the low-speed chases have me staring moronically at the screen for hours.

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