Peter MacNicol visits Stockholm

by Eva Kjeller, TV 4, Sweden, 1999
Hi all you english-speaking people!
I've just finished an intervju with Peter MacNicol here in Stockholm and although I didn't get more than 20
minuites with him I'm pleased to say we had a very interesting coversation on plenty of subjecs.

Unfortunately (for you) the interview is published in swedish (, but I'll give you
some quotes in english. But befor I do that I must beg you to excuse my english, as you probably already
noticed I should stick to swedish...
Eva B Kjeller

Peter about peace in Kosovo:
--I'm really glad they agreed on peace and I hope they can stay in peace in the future.

Peter about having children:
--I honestly don't think I could be bothered. My wife doesn't want children either.

Peter about the reporting on Calista Flockharts weightloss:
--At the set we are all bored with that. It's been overreported. We just wait for the media to focus on some
other scandal. I lost 12 pounds last yeare as well and nobody cared, not even my mother noticed.

Peter about directing Ally McBeal:
--Directing is more like creating, acting is more like recreating. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to direct
on Ally McBeal, but I was also embarresed. I hated to shout "action." From the beginning I had to get this
other guy to stand beside me and shout so that everybody would thing it was me. It turned out I was
much better shouting "cut."

Peter about real lawyers:
--They are not surprised by the kind of cases we have in Ally McBeal as they are used to real cases... I also
hear that certain John Gageisms are cropping up in real courtrooms. Lawyers are starting to take moments
and to pour water slowly. But I don't want to recomend real lawyers to learn fran John.

Peter about Johns funny dance:
--I was so embarressed when we recorded the dance. I don't know how to dance and we didn't have a
choreographer so I just had to do it. The only knowledge of dance I had was from the 60th when I saw my
sister dance, so I just did like she used to do. Nobody does that dance anymore, and nor should they!

Peter about frogs:
--I got loads of hatmail when the frogepisodes were broadcastred in the states. I think it would have been
okay with one episode, not five... Bit I quite enjoued working with the frogs, we had three frogs because
they were good at different things. One jumped, one clinged and one climed.

Peter about having grandparents from Norway:
--I don't think I have any alive relatives in Norway, only dead ones. If I will go visit their graves? Now, that
would be something that would amuze me.

Peter about what kind of music he listens to:
--Swiss alpine joddeling.

Peter about having a themesong:
--Can I take a moment befor I answer that question? Can I have another question befor answering that?

Peter about having a themesong 10 minutes later:
--I'd like to wait a little longer before I answer that.

Peter, finally, about having a themesong:
--A scottish song called "Loch Lomond."

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