Premiered: January 23, 2005  Series finale: March 12, 2010
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Rob Morrow stars as FBI agent, Don Eppes who recruits his mathematical genius
brother, Charlie (David Krumholtz), to help the Bureau solve a wide range of
challenging crimes in Los Angeles. Dr. Larry Fleinhardt (Peter MacNicol), Charlie's
friend and colleague, urges him to focus more on his math studies than on FBI
business. A brilliant physicist, Larry is awkward in social situations. (Note: MacNicol
and David Krumholtz co-starred in "Addams Family Values" and in "The Lyon's Den"
episode, "The Quantum Theory.")

1/18/05: MacNicol and the cast and creators of
Numb3rs (Rob Morrow, David
Krumholtz, Judd Hirsch, Alimi Ballard, Sabrina Lloyd, Cheryl Heuton and Nicolas
Falacci) appeared at CBS' presentation at the Television Critics Association winter
press tour in Los Angeles.

3/10/06 episode, "Mind Games," written by Andrew Dettman,
story by Andrew Dettman and Peter MacNicol.
(episode summary at
1/23/09 episode, "Trouble in Chinatown," written by Peter.

9/24/07: The cast and producers appeared at the Academy
of Television Arts & Sciences,
"An Evening with Numb3rs." (Peter did not appear.)

Season 3: Peter appeared in the first 11 episodes of the
season. Larry went on sabbatical from CalSci to be a payload
specialist on the space shuttle. He returned to the show in the April 27th episode, "The Art of Reckoning."

12/06: "'Numb3rs' Counts Down to Apollo 11," Zap2it.

11/28/06: Interview with David Krumholtz at, who talks about the show and working with the
other actors, including Peter: "Peter's really a wonderful guy.... He's never at a loss for something
incredible. He's always offering up some piece of whimsy -- he's quite a character himself. He makes it so
much fun to go to work everyday, to look forward to working with a guy like that, who has sort of a fancy
free attitude about his work. It just makes it so much fun. It becomes like kindergarten. Also, it's highly
efficient. He and I, we just bang it out. We don't waste time. We know what we're there for. The work, or
at least the memorizing of lines, is secondary. The fun that he and I have together is what's primary for
both of us. I'm glad that comes across."

"Numb3rs at Caltech," Caltech Today. Some scenes for the show were filmed at the campus
Jan. 19-21. Includes a photo of Peter and David Krumholtz.

May/June 2005 issue of Emmy magazine features a long article on
Numb3rs. It has several behind the
scenes photos, Peter is in two of them.

"Solving crime by the Numb3rs":
"MacNicol (
Ally McBeal) was intrigued by the character he was asked to play. 'This character is very
mysterious," he said. 'He's a little bit Yoda, a little bit (physicist) Richard Feynman, a little bit Dr. Watson. It
was probably the third in a series of people (I've portrayed) who I would call a wise fool. It's appealing in
that I don't know what is going on with this character. I don't understand his precise function in the story.'"

Nick's pics
Creator/writer/producer Nick Falacci posted some great Numb3rs photos on Twitter during the Season 6
finale. (Note: the photos are copyrighted to Mr. Falacci and cannot be reproduced without his permission.)
His photos can also be seen in special features on the Season 6 DVD.

Peter MacNicol Online
Peter's vintage car was used as Larry's car
Mind Games
The human spirit is immeasurable.
The Milky Way tastes like raspberries.
~ Professor Lawrence K. Fleinhardt
Trouble in Chinatown