MacNicol will play John McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis, in the HBO film, Game Change. Julianne Moore
plays Sarah Palin and Ed Harris plays McCain.

Grey's Anatomy
Season 7 DVD release: Sept. 13.
10/1/10: MacNicol has joined Grey's Anatomy. He will play
Dr. Robert Stark, a pediatrics attending, for at least two episodes.
11/11: "Something's Gotta Give" 11/18:  "Slow Night, So Long";
1/6/11: "Disarm"; 2/24: "Not Responsible";  
3/24: "This Is How We Do It"; 4/28: It's a Long Way Back;
5/5: White Wedding
GA writers' blog on "Something's Gotta Give";  "Disarm"


MacNicol guest starred as a judge on Fairly Legal, on March 3, USA Network.

2/4/11: MacNicol provides the voice for Professor Ivo/Amazo on Young Justice, airing Fridays at 7 pm on TOON.

9/12/10: Peter and his wife, Marsue, attended the opening night performance of "The Glass Menagerie" at
the Center Theatre Group/Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.

David Krumholtz got married May 22. Congratulations!
Peter attended the wedding.
3/12/10: Nick Falacci's photos on Twitter. (copyrighted
to Mr. Falacci, not to be copied without his permission)
Numb3rs reruns are on TNT and weekends on CBS.
Numb3rs celebrates its 100th episode, aired 5/1/09.
MacNicol wrote "Trouble in Chinatown", aired 1/23/09.
The episode marked the return of John Glover as psychic
Samuel Kraft. (He created the story for "Mind Games,"
the season 2 episode that featured Kraft.)
Numb3rs cast and producers celebrated season 3 in Las Vegas, videos by Rob Morrow: Part 1, Part 2,  Part 3.
More Numb3rs>>

11/23/08: MacNicol appeared in the 2 hr. Season 7 prequel,
24: Redemption . DVD release: 11/25.
2/26/08: "24: The Official Companion Season 6" book release.
4/07: The May/June issue of 24 Magazine includes photos
and an
interview with Peter.
1/12/07 Entertainment Weekly special pullout booklet on 24:
"New Character: Thomas Lennox (Peter MacNicol). 'He's very
much a neocon,' explains MacNicol, who filmed his role as nerdy
crime solver Dr. Larry Fleinhardt on
Numb3rs and the first few
episodes of his
24 gig simultaneously. 'He believes in taking
draconian measures.'"
7/10/06: MacNicol joins the cast of 24 for its sixth season, playing
Chief of Staff, Thomas Lennox. Not to worry Larry fans, he will remain part of the cast of
More 24>>

Ally McBeal
11/2/09 and 11/3/09 on Good Morning America: an Ally McBeal cast reunion with David E. Kelley, Peter
MacNicol, Calista Flockhart on the occasion of the DVD release.  Videos:.
Part 1   Part 2  

The Spectacular Spider-Man
The Spectacular Spider-Man: Complete First Season DVD release: July 2009.
MacNicol provides the voice for Dr. Octopus in the animated series,
The Spectacular Spider-Man, premiering
Sat. 3/08, the Kids' WB on The CW channel. Season 2 premiered 6/09 on Disney XD
5/1/08: "Peter MacNicol on 'Spectacular Spider-Man," Comics2film.

MacNicol joined the picket line at FOX Studios on Nov. 5th in support of the Writer's Guild of America strike
and participated in the rally on Nov. 9th.

Cheers -- The Final Season, release: 1/09. Includes "Look Before You Sleep."
Faerie Tale Theatre: The Complete Collection, release: 9/08. Includes "The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out
About the Shivers," starring Peter MacNicol, Dana Hill and Christopher Lee.
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law: MacNicol did commentary for the episode "X Gets the Crest" on the  
"Volume 2" DVD. He appears on the Volume 3 extras with the other cast members. He also did voice work for
Harvey Birdman video game available on PS2, PSP and Wii.

Boston Legal
Season 2 DVD of Boston Legal release: Nov. 21, 2006. It
includes the episode "Race Ipsa."
MacNicol guest starred on
Boston Legal playing Denny Crane's
therapist, Dr. Sydney Fields. "Race Ipsa" aired Tues. April 25,
10 pm on ABC.

(thanks to Dana at


Behind the Curtain
MacNicol stars in the short film, "Behind the Curtain," which had a screening at the Beverly Hills Film Festival
on April 15, 2005.  (~thanks to
Geoffrey Gould)

The Lyon's Den
MacNicol guest starred in episode 7 of The Lyon's Den, titled "The Quantum Theory." He played Darryl Nicks, a
computer genius, who sought legal help when his problems with schizophrenia threatened his control of his
company. The series was canceled after episode 6 aired and this episode was never shown in the US.
CourtTV Canada started airing the entire series in April 2005, including the 7 remaining unaired episodes.

Breakin' All the Rules
5/14/04: MacNicol co-stars in the feature film, Breakin' All the Rules.
Plot: A romantic comedy about a man (Jamie Foxx) who, after
being dumped by his fiancée, writes a 'how to' book on breaking
up. Not wanting his male friends to suffer the same fate, he
gives them advice on dumping their mates. What ensues is a
hilarious comedy of errors.
From the DVD commentary: "This movie is a romantic comedy
but very old-fashioned in its structure, very classical and elegant,"
says MacNicol. "It's a throw-back feeling to movies of another era,
complete with mistaken identities and smart wit. That's what
drew me to this project. It was really the script."

USS Enterprise 'Meet and Greet'
On April 20 - 21, 2004 MacNicol traveled to the USS Enterprise, stationed off the coast of Norfolk, Va., to
spend a day with the U.S. Navy on a USO handshake tour. He visited troops, sign autographs and took a tour
of the carrier.

Philbin Awards
MacNicol was the guest speaker at the 20th Annual Philbin Awards luncheon in Dallas, Texas on October 31,
2003. The awards honor the best in newspaper, radio, television and magazine legal reporting in the
Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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