Ock-ward! Peter MacNicol on 'Spectacular Spider-Man'
Comics2film, May 2008

Doubting Thomas
24 Magazine, May/June 2007

'Numb3rs' Counts Down to Apollo 11
Zap2it, Dec. 2006

'24' Adds MacNicol to the Mix
Zap2it, July 2006

Solving Crime By the Numb3rs
Houston Chronicle, Jan. 2005

A teacher honored: Staff member remembered as actor's
favorite teacher
Rice University News, Sept. 2001

What They Watch
Daily Variety, June 2001

Casting Bread on the Water
Emmy Magazine, Feb. 2000

MacNicol's Spitting Image
Daily Telegraph, Australia, April 1999

Character Witness
TV Guide, June 1998

Another Farewell: Peter MacNicol leaves 'Chicago Hope'
determined not to overstay his welcome
Daily News of Los Angeles, Oct. 1995

Peter MacNicol: The 'Chicago' Lawyer is Unsettled Out of
Entertainment Weekly, June 1995

Actors Are Supporting the Stars and Stealing the Show
Houston Post, Aug. 1989

Ok Kid, We're Gonna Make You a Star
Newsday, Aug. 1989

Striking out with Sigourney, social slimer Peter MacNicol
still scores in Ghostbuster's II
People magazine, July 1989

Actor Serious About Kids' Stuff
Daily News of Los Angeles, July 1989

A Young American Dons Richard II's Crown
The New York Times, June 1987

'Rum and Coke' Siblings Create Their Own Family
The New York Times, March 1986

He Gets Wrapped Up in Other People's Lives
The New York Times, Dec. 1982

It Was a Victory Party for 'Crimes of the Heart'
The New York Times, Nov. 1981

Peter MacNicol Captures Key Role in 'Sophie's Choice'
The New York Times, Sept. 1981

The Vermithrax Pejorative Story: Behind the Scenes at the
Making of Dragonslayer
Weird Worlds, 1981
UK Times
photo: Colin Bell
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